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At HNC, clients (listeners) and their families have a place to go for more information and advice about hearing health. As experienced audiologists, we explain how to navigate the hearing healthcare system and explain concepts and research so that you have a foundation of knowledge upon which to advocate for yourself and make decisions that best support your hearing needs.


Topics we can customize for you are not limited to:

  • Education regarding hearing healthcare and medical treatments

  • Education regarding applicable hearing-related disease and disorders

  • Explanation of audiological test results

  • Discussion of “best practice” rehabilitation options

  • Assistance in obtaining second opinions (audiological, rehabilitative, surgical)

  • Counseling regarding hearing loss, hearing aid concepts, implantable options

  • Suggestions of quality out-of-country service providers

  • Communication counseling to optimize hearing professional/surgical appointments


With a single counseling session, or with an annual membership, HNC is where you and your family can find unbiased answers to your questions about hearing and hearing rehabilitation.  Let us navigate your journey to optimal hearing and communication success.


HNC provides an opportunity for hearing healthcare providers to consult with experienced audiology colleagues.  

Topics of consultation are not limited to:

  • Support and second opinions in difficult cases that require differential diagnosis (e.g. facial nerve stimulation, poorer than expected speech perception, potential soft implant failures, challenges in device programming) and referral services when appropriate

  • Resources for patients who must adapt to and learn to listen with their hearing aids/implantable devices on their own

  • Assistance in development of hearing rehabilitation programs including professional training, mentoring including preparation for exams for certification in Auditory-Verbal Therapy/Auditory Skills Training

  • Use and adaptation of strategies and conditions that enhance speech perception and auditory processing 

  • “New program” project management

  • Assistance in new business development in all areas of hearing healthcare

  • Strategies to improve client engagement and  device use

  • Training on “best practice” virtual meeting etiquette with clients who have hearing loss


For sole charge, new, or experienced clinicians, an annual membership with HNC can be a support to your hearing healthcare practice and help you navigate your clients to their best hearing and communication success.  

Doctor and Patient


Research has shown that our hearing-impaired clients are seeking someone to navigate their journey through the hearing healthcare system.  HNC provides medical professionals a place where they can refer their clients for unbiased hearing healthcare direction. 


 We can help enhance your medical practice by:

  • Counseling your clients on the importance of hearing healthcare for their overall health

  • Counseling your clients on their hearing rehabilitation options

  • Consulting with you on your client’s potential hearing aid or implant candidacy

  • Providing audiological second opinions

  • Assisting in your assessment of soft implant failures

  • Training your team in strategies for communication with the hearing-impaired in clinic and operating theatre

  • Helping triage waiting lists for sudden hearing loss and pre-implant referral test recommendations

  • Counseling your clients on their options for hearing healthcare

  • Training your team on “best practice” virtual meeting etiquette with hearing-impaired clients


HNC can customize our services to suit your practice and client needs.  Let us help you achieve exceptional hearing healthcare service provision and provide your clients with a navigator for their hearing healthcare journey through a practice membership or individual sessions.  Contact us for more information.



As communication goes virtual, it is more important than ever for businesses and legal practices to ensure that they are optimizing their interactions with their clients.  HNC can assist your business or legal practice communicate successfully with your hearing-impaired clients and colleagues.


HNC can assist by providing:

  • Consultation on hearing loss medical claims (audiological, rehabiliative and referral to key opinion leaders for medical)

  • Guidance on hearing service solutions

  • Training for your team on strategies for communication with the hearing-impaired

  • Recommendations regarding assistive listening devices for conference rooms set-up

  • Training on effective telephone etiquette for decreased communication breakdowns

  • Training on “best practice” virtual meeting etiquette with hearing-impaired clients and colleagues

  • RFP reviews for hearing device or service tenders


HNC can customize our services to optimally enhance your business communication.  Improvements in your team’s communication skills will set your business apart and will optimize your interactions with your hearing and hearing-impaired clients and colleagues alike.   Reach out to us today and let us navigate your business to communication success!

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